The Ultimate Guid to Organic Instagram Growth

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Gaining followers on Instagram is both difficult and time consuming, which is where an Instagram growth service comes in useful. Getting real followers for Instagram is a tedious and time-consuming process, which is even more difficult when you’re trying to run your business.


Organic Growth Tactics

Each Instagram growth service uses different methods to facilitate your Instagram growth. This could be liking photos posted by people in your target audience, following users in your audience, auto-commenting, or sending automatic direct messages. 

We’re not about to list all the companies that consider themselves growth services, because we dont believe they adhere to rule of not using AI or bots, so we’ll look at the process we follow for all our clients;

Research Your Niche and Potential Followers

Use social media to get to know your niche (if you don’t already) and get an understanding of what your potential followers want to see or read about. 


Find And Implement Relevant Hashtags To Implement Instagram Growth Quickly.

The best way to find relevant hashtags was to start with the most obvious tags to use as a starting point, then to getting lost in the noise, look at influential accounts in your niche to see what hashtags are being used. There are also websites to help with this process, but we find manually searching works best.


Be Active On Instagram. As Much As You Can.

No Instagram account will gain a following unless you post a lot of content.  This regularity means we stay on users’ radars. If someone doesn’t follow us the first time they see one of our posts, they might when they see the fourth or fifth. 

Engage with Your Instagram Community and Followers.

Engaging with followers is one of those things that seems like extra work, but it’s the best way to connect with your followers. After all, it’s not exactly fair to want to take from a community without giving back.

Promote Across All Your Platforms For

There’s no reason to be active on Instagram and forget about other networks. Think of the sheer audience numbers on other platforms? There are opportunities to promote your main social media account on other networks that focus on different types of content. 


For instance you could try Pinterest to extent the reach of your Instagram content into SERPs that may be scrolled past quickly on Instagrams very active feed. Pinterest is highly visual and works well with Instagram content.


instagram growth service

You could also try Twitter and add condensed text to your photos, a writing platform like Medium offers great readership numbers if you are able to port your visual content over into more text based articles. Take a look at all the social media platforms out there and work out how you can port your content to each of them.


Outside of social, you could look at digital advertising (banners on similar niche websites that link to your profile), email newsletters with relevant sharing capabilites or perhaps some in store messaging offering your Instagram followers discount. Engaging authentically with your followers is a tactic that those with follower counts swear by.  Every follower is your friend, so treat them that way.

In conclusion, a robust and effective Instagram growth strategy requires: A daily content schedule: 1-2 photos a day, one live video per day, and at least 5 Instagram Stories. Always use relevant hashtags – find up to 30 relevant hashtags and post them in a comment, rather than in the posts’ caption.


If you plan to use any of the tips from this article or have your own – let us know via the message icon in the bottom right corner or send us an email here.

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